Saturday, August 6, 2016

Little Red Painters

One of our neighbours had a birthday and the theme of the party was Alice in Wonderland. (The Shaw Festival is featuring the musical this year.)
This is a version of the playing card painters commanded by the Queen of Hearts to paint all the white roses red.The heads are styrofoam balls cut in half, hats and cloaks are red tissue paper, brushes are made from stir sticks carved to shape and painted. Hands and boots are made with Fimo, paint pots are from card. Isn't it amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do?
The faces were downloaded from the Internet. Cards are actual playing cards.

The painters looked good installed in the bushes with garlands of white roses.

Also, the little guys were used in an Alice inspired hat worn to a garden party.

There was also a giant teacup planter. If you look VERY CLOSELY, you will see Alice and the caterpillar, as well as the Cheshire cat.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Garage Sale Finds

Garage sales have started agian, but so far pretty slim pickings for the crafter. However, I did come across a stocking stuffer package from Lee Valley. They have such tricky tools, and this assortment meant was a gem. All of this magic for a buck!

Can't go wrong with the surgical scrubbers, to clean painty hands, scrub vegetables or remove stubborn stains from clothes before laundering!
Must admit I had to refer to the printout to see how the pocket screwdrivers were used - how do people think of such handy- dandy items!
The spring shears are always a welcome addition to the sewing box, and the pocket magnifier went straight into hubby's wallet.

Next, I spied a little bedroom set  (perhaps by Avon?)  which would make a charming roombox.

What about these 2 for my Santa's workshop?
And how could I pass. Up this charming alpine style roombox? As if I don't have enough unfinished projects in my stash!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scrub a Dub Dub

Washing clothes was not so easy as it is now. Water had to be carted from the pump, heated on a stove, and poured into laundry tubs.

Families were large in the early 1900's, and although many kids shared a bed, there was still a mountain of sheets waiting to be wash with whatever frequency the housewife could manage! In the city, manufactured soap could be purchased. In rural areas, the homemaker might have to make her own from ashes and lard.
Such a labour intensive process!

And can you imagine the damage lye soap and washboards could do to the hands?

Here is a link to Niagara minis blogpost which describes this project.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

For the Birds

The stand for this little birdcage just doesn't have much presence, does it?

So, take a bamboo skewer , a scrap piece of 1/32 diameter dowel and a small cap. Add a scrap of cardboard.

Make a cradle out of Play dough or Fimo by rolling a piece to a 1/34 inch thickness, cutting a strip about 5/32 inch and ... long. The length will depend on the size of the cage.  Lay the cage on its side and see where you wish the cradle to be. Poke holes in either end and in the centre, and form the strip in a semi-circle around a generic paint bottle. Let dry or bake.
Soak the dowel in warm water and shape it around a paint bottle and so that the ends will fit into the holes you made in the cradle strip. Let dry.
Glue the dowel and the cradle to form an oval.
Drill a hole in the cap and insert the skewer. Cut the the other end to the desired height, and insert/glue into middle hole of the cradle.
Attach the birdcage to the top of the dowel oval with a piece of thin wire.
The assemblage should look like this.

You may need to add weight to or widen the base to prevent tipping.
Paint the stand and age by dry brushing.
Here is the finished product.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Escape to Gretna Green

For Regency Romance fans....

Take a Cinderella carriage wedding favour.

Coat it with Gesso inside and out.

Paint black. Do the same with 4 horses..
Dry brush with white.

The coachmen are sculpted from Playdough.
The snow is paper machè. The bushes are sisal rope.

Now for the fun part - who are the occupants inside? Are they in love, or is the lady being kidnapped by a dastardly fortune hunter? You decide.....

This scene is designed to fit inside one of those plastic containers which store fresh greens.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day 2015 - When Duty Calls

In time of war, family and sweethearts bid goodbye to so many young men. 

Being a Dominion of Britain, Canada was automatically brought into the war between Britain and Germany, although there was a choice of how deep the involvement would be.

Canadians of British descent widely supported fighting for "the Motherland", and propaganda encouraged young men to sign up.

French Canadians were considerably less enthusiastic, since they did not have the same genealogical and patriotic connections to Britain. When conscription was passed into law by PM Borden, it met with a great deal of resistance from Quebec and other French speaking communities. Resentment which has bubbled up through the political arena to this day.

Saying goodbye to "your boy", your husband, brother or father is gut-wrenching and so many women did so, enduring the uncertainty and fear for their loved ones while battling on the home front. What is Jenny thinking as she bids farewell to Joe?

How am I going to live without you?
Don't get hurt, don't get hurt, I love you, I love you.. 
How can I keep the family going?
How can I earn a living? 
What will become of us?

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cleaning up

Our group worked on a little cleaning caddy.
There is a tutorial from Joanne Swanson, with printies and a pattern for a dust pan. She suggests using a restaurant jelly container for the caddy.

Trim the edging, then cut a strip of cardboard a little smaller than the length of the container.
Now, score a vertical line about 2 inches up the strip. Fold the strip over and trim the edges.
Measure how tall you wish the handle to be. (approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inches). Score this measurement on either side of the first fold
Fold along score lines.
 The strip should now look like this.
Glue the middle together.
Trim the tabs so they fit inside the jelly container.
Cut holes for the handle.
File the handle smooth and maybe file the corners.
Glue the cardboard to the jelly container. Gesso and paint. I used Patio paint.

Here is my finished caddy. 
The gloves are cut from paper, painted and podged.