Saturday, May 9, 2009

All Wired up!

Chris in Canada writes:
Next time you have some wiring done, or an appliance installed,
ask the electrician or whoever is doing it to save you all the little
snips of wire they usually throw away. The thicker wires often have a
solid core of soft copper wire that can be easily shaped into tiny
coiled plant containers etc......, and the covering can be cut into
lengths suitable for any cylindrical container. 1/3" long pieces can
have a handle made from half of a thin slice of the same covering
attached with super glue to make a mug, and with care you can untwist
the copper strands from light duty wire and use them as very fine
accent trim, or braid 3 together for a metal trim on a fireplace
screen or picture frame. Single strands, can be glued to a finished
item such as a tray or jewel box to outline a design (sort of like
leading in stained glass windows) and the design filled in with glass
paint, glitter glue, or a coloured nail enamel. After a final coat
over everything with a clear sealer it will look like the design is
inlaid into the finish.