Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really Thin Mirrors and Silver Trim Strips

Chris in Canada wrote:
Tonight I was emptying the wastebasket next to the TV, when I spotted one of those 'security devices' from a DVD on the floor. You know, the little white plastic strips with a bar code on it that is usually stuck somewhere inside the DVD case.
On impulse, I took a pair of scissors to one end of the strip, and inside discovered two strips of a micro-thin silver metallic film. WOW!
Free silver trim, hand mirrors, mirror tiles, or even dresser mirrors in micro-scales all
without adding visible thickness to whatever you glue it to. I tested one strip by gluing
it to a scrap of wood, and despite the glue layer being as thin as I could make it with my
trusty credit-card tool, and repeatedly going over the strip with a rubber brayer and lots
of pressure, the glue layer was still thicker than the strip under magnification.

So the next time you want to reflect on something mini, watch a DVD.