Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bottle Brush Trees for Every Season

Nancy in Renton wrote:
This is the tree I did this year for my DIL. I had to glue
things on it. I glued both ornaments with hooks and without. I used
the plastic that it came in to lay the tree on it's side to glue on
flat back "jewels" (like fingernail jewels) for fake lights, they
catch the light and worked well (enough). It also allowed for easy
gluing of no hole beads.

Last year I made the bottlebrush tree with the fake paint snow on the
tips of the branches. I put on a string of lights that are powered by
a battery box and hid it inside a box I made out of a silver paper
covered cardboard earring box. I hid that in a pile of miniature
gifts. There are several pictures of it, including with house lights
dimmed, in my picturetrail album Christmas Tree Box:

tuts on making a mini tree out of tinsel pipe cleaners by Martha Stewart