Monday, August 8, 2011

What's in YOUR Genes?

Nancy Noble Day made this wonderful desk for her brother and commented:
"I scattered printie genealogy papers/forms and photos on the desk and in the slots. I may re-do it, my brother is probably more tidy than I am. I have a glass paperweight, if I can find it and I'm wondering if I need a pencil cup and pencils.
A glass paperweight and family photos. Using the 'print index' feature on Picture It, I edited small versions of photos of my grandmother, recently discovered photos of her father and my mother's father and printed them on photo paper. By trimming most of the background out, it made them more in scale. I glued a couple of the same photos, untrimmed, in the top drawer to surprise my brother."

Here is a closer look at the contents.

What an exceptional gift and so meaningful!