Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clear Shopping Bags

Chris in Canada wrote:
When you buy a new electronic whats-it for your computer or video game, each
connector often has a small tubular piece of vinyl covering it. Pull off the sticky label with
the part number and bar code, and use Jamie's shopping bag technique to seal one end.
Trim the seal neatly, then cut the bag off at the other end at the desired length. For
handles, just fold it in half lengthwise and cut out a half-oval shape through all 4 layers.
Decorate with a logo using permanent marker if you want, and fill'er up with whatever
m'lady has purchased at the local boutique. These look really nice, as you can see what's
in the bag without having to dump it all out, and being made from a heavy vinyl, it won't
tear easily.