Thursday, January 15, 2009

Attic Ideas

Attic Set from TV show “Charmed”

Old paint cans
Boxes of 'junk'
• Books, diaries
• Wooden crate with rolls of wallpaper
• Newspapers, comics, magazines
• Holiday decorations
Old clothes, hats, shoes, rope with hangers and clothing draped over. Play area where a little girl can play dress up.
Discarded furniture
• Outmoded dresser, discoloured mirrors
• Bundled rugs
• Dress form, sewing machine
• Old pictures of ancestors, suitably stained/damaged
• Trunks with clothing spilling out
• Outmoded luggage
• Highchairs, playpen
• Room divider screen
• Headboards, footboards, cradles
• Lamps, shades, broken crockery
• Discarded birdcages.
Dust, bunnies - use some of that Halloween webbing for some 'cobwebs'
Water stains on ceiling, peeling wallpaper/newspaper

Discarded toys
• Hula Hoop, tricycle
• Rocking horse
• Little red wagon
• Broken kite
• Paddle and ball
• Yo-yo
• Xylophone
• Stuffed toys, rabbit
• Dollhouse, dolls. Teddy, skipping rope
• Old games – monopoly, darts, checkers
• Golf bag
• Ping-pong equipment
• Tennis racket, bowling ball
• Baseball, pennants, bat, glove, hat,
• Football, helmet, shoes, pads
• Hockey skates
Saddle shoes, old LP Records, record player. Old broken guitar, no strings
• Vacuum
• Old radio
• Typewriter